Wild West Online

Wed 24th May 2017 - 2:35am : Gaming News

Can a Wild West MMORPG be successful and fill the MMORPG void?


  So just the other day i’m browsing the internet looking at all the recent news, seeingwhat’s new in the gaming world and I see an article about new a MMORPG game. Now this new game would be based in the Wild West ERA and would allow youand friends to explore the open world frontier of the Wild Wild West which is a prettyawesome concept because if you think about the MMORPG’s of the recent years and any in the past they have always been fantasy worlds/Medieval style or very futuristic which too be honest has gotten very stale and boring. So enter a brand new MMORPG set in a new ERA with completely new feel and gameplay styles. I mean think about it PvP duels at high noon with revolvers, Raiding with cavalry, cannons, sabres and the such, tracking and hunting deer and other animals for pelts to sell and make gold so you can gamble, buy hookers, put out bounties on other players. There are so many endless possibilities for a MMORPG set in the Wild West, you can have different fractions, classes, the ability to be a outlaw, bounty hunter, texas ranger and so many more options. As an outlaw you would obviously attempt to take over towns and create a safe haven for you and your crew to operate out of, you would be able to plan your train heists, bank robberies, kidnappings, ransoms and other criminal activities. As a Texas Ranger/Bounty hunter you would be able to go hunt down the outlaw gangs and other notorious outlaws, ride protection on gold caravans and trains, or take a job as a town sheriff. As a bounty hunter you would be able to obviously chase down bounty as a sole bounty or as group of bounty hunters, you would be able to have a farm if you choose to buy property and have cattle etc. This is just the tip of the iceberg you could run your own brothels, saloons and general stores.


Now let’s get past all of my wild fantasies/dreams and get down to what will mostly like be in the game. From what we have been able to read up on players will be able to specialize as the obvious the law and the outlaws but they will also be able to have a life as gathers such as miners or farmers which will help drive the player-driven economy...yes we said player driven. There will also be a crafting system that relies on finding and learning recipes as well as a camp building system that will play to the social aspects of the game. Just like with GTA, the law system will be somewhat the same, players will earn wanted stars which will give players who are deputies and bounty hunters the ability to hunt down the outlaws and trade them in for the rewards but you must watch for out the outlaw’s gang. Going along with the wanted system is a variety of crimes that can be committed such as bank heists, stealing from other players campsites and town shops. Get too greedy and you can be exiled and have to make use of bandit hideouts but that comes with the risk of a much deadlier crowd.


Moving on to the next cool bit about this MMORPG is that the progression and skill system is going to have to be pretty different from what has been used in the past MMORPGS, but there will story, character and gameplay driven motives to keep things live and help give the game a sense of direction. Another big difference is that Wild West Online will only feature combat against other players, becoming a wanted outlaw won’t result in NPCs coming after you ( Thank god ) it will be up to the long arm of the player law to serve justice against the bandits.

 To wrap up this piece about this potentially awesome game we would like to let you know that WWO has reached its funding goals so train robberies, female characters, along with planned free expansions already laid out as well as a closed beta coming this summer with any luck Ambition will be able to get in on this beta and give this game a good test driving.





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