Boostadelphia - Rocket Leagues first big lan on the East Coast

Sun 28th May 2017 - 3:02am : Gaming News

Today we were able to attend N3rdStreet Gamer's Rocket League lan, Boostadelhphia.

Our team was represented by Brizzy and Wonder, top players in the Rocket League scene.
They started out great, with scoring 10+ goals in their first few games, and going undefeated all the way to the finals.

During round 1 of the finals, they were to face Set Memory of Set to Destroy X, and PrimeThunder, a top player in Rocket League.
In one of the best games of Rocket League I have witnessed, "Two Fifteen Year Olds" (team name) and Ambition eSports went toe to toe for all 5 rounds.
Round 5 was the most excited, with no goals scored till the last 2 minutes left of the game, with the first goal going to Set Memory to start the snowball.

We lost in the first round of the finals, and then again in game 3 during the losers bracket, but none the less, the boys played great and we could'nt be more pleased with their performance.
This was not our set roster, and Ambition will continue to work on and finalize our 3 man team for the upcoming RLCS Season.

Overall, the lan was a success. With quality camera work from N3rd Street, good commentary, and some big name players showing up, this is a great first Lan for the upcoming event organizer.

But I want to take this time to talk more about N3rdStreet Gamers.
Sponsored and backed by Jarvis Innovations, they are located at North 3rd street, Philidelphia PA. Hence the name, N3rd Street.
After alot of revonating, upgraded, and some new paint work, they're venue looks great.  We look forward to attending more of their lans in the future.



Ryan Staton

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