Player Unknown Battlegrounds Update

Wed 24th May 2017 - 2:45am : Gaming News

   Well folks it’s almost time for the next monthly update in what seems to be everyone's favorite new battle royale survival game Player Unknown Battlegrounds. Since coming into Steam’s Early Access around two months ago, PUBG has managed to more than double its player base inside its first four 4 weeks as well as hitting over two million sales which is pretty impressive considering how picky us PC gamers are when it comes our first person shooters. Anyway let’s get on to the point of this and go over this patch notes that will be going live on 5/25/17 1am PST.

Lets kick this off first coming out in the new update is a new weapon..yes you read that right another new gun! PUBG will be adding a VSS always suppressed sniper rifle with a permanent 4x scope chambered for 9mm ammo found almost exclusively in care packages but can be found as a very very rare loot spawn in buildings. Next up we have what a lot of people have been waiting for the motorcycle without its sidecar coming with this update. PlayerUnknown and the crew have decided to add the ability to control your motorbike in mid air so you can perform epic stunts while killing. You can take a look at that here

Continuing on with the update we have some balancing being done to our weapons. First up the Vector submachine gun and the Winchester will have their damage reduced and the AKM will have it’s bullet damage slightly increased, next a cheek pad will be added for the SKS Sniper rifle, a tactical stock for the Vector, Modified recoils have been added in for the following guns AKM, SCAR, M16 and HK416.  Also as new scope rendering method has been added as well helping aiming precision, you can take a look at what that looks like here

Those are all the major updates and balances to the game that we found to be the most important but if you would like to see the patch notes in full and see everything is being done you can visit that here: full patches notes

Don’t forget to leave a comment telling us what you think about the update! Or maybe what you would like to see added or changed!




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