Ambition signs top tier Rocket League players

Sun 18th Jun 2017 - 4:47pm : eSports

                                        Ambition signs Top Tier Rocket Players

  Ambition eSports is proud to announce the signing of top tier Rocket League players, PrimeThunder and Wonder. Although we are currently searching for a permanent third that will compete with them in the various tournaments of 2017 including the upcoming season 4 of RLCS, we here at Ambition are extremely excited to have players of their skill on our team.

 PrimeThunder and Wonder are both already well prestiged in the rocket league world, having constantly been in the top 100 for various Rocket League competitive modes, online tournament wins, and LAN appearances. In a more recent event, PrimeThunder and Wonder participated in Boostadelphia, an east coast duos LAN tournament hosted by N3RD Street Gamers where he and his teammate took first place.  Wonder had placed 5th at the event, representing Ambition eSports in a LAN created team.

 These two gentlemen will continue their online presence through various tournaments and leagues.  However you can also cheer them up in the upcoming Dreamhack Atlanta and N3rd Street Gamers Summer Championship.  We have plans to enter Season 4 of RLCS, but at this time we will be actively seeking a permanent third.


You will be able to follow this outstanding roster here at, as well as our social media outlets listed below. Want to get more personal with the players? Follow them on their social media’s below.

You can also find more event details and future events of N3RD Street Gamers on their website at 

Ambition media links:





PrimeThunder: PrimeThunder YT | @PrimeThunderRL

Wonder: @Wonder_RL






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